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need some custom kitchen cabinet makers in nova/dc area

9 years ago

After looking at Home Depot (Martha Stewart and Thomasville Line), Loews (Diamond Line) and realizing that both are Masterbrand and for $8000 I really am getting mainly particleboard with solid door fronts, I think I need to step out. Plus, I read tons of issues with these big box retailers..ugh. I also looked into RTA but realized quickly most of it comes from China. They can keep it at any price. I will not buy from China.

Ok, I don't need a designer as I fired the last one in McLean....awful and took my money.
I have a simple design for an 8 ft by 11ft 5 inch galley all ready to go that I modified (KD never listened to anything I said anyhow but did try selling me a $8000 kitchen hood! LOL.). General contractor is doing the "palette" and agreed to install cabinets if I wish. He is good in all ways. House is old so have to deal with its quirks but essentially the room is a straightforward rectangle with an exterior door at one end and an interior entry at the other. It is a VERY SMALL kitchen and we are fine with keeping it simple. We just don't want junk. In the design there is a max of 9 cabinets....4 wall and 5 base. The sink cabinet must hold a simple farmhouse sink. We ditched the fancy pull out pantry stuff as we realized the WEIGHT of it all coming out at once was bad; we ditched the pull out drawers too as we realized "uh, we are not packing it to the hilt so we can just peek in and get what we want from the cabinet". Again, all this fluff really is a waste for us We just want a solid good simple cabinet. The only "fanciness" in the entire kitchen is the desire to have two glass wall cabinets, preferably with some leaded glass, so we can show off a few things. Other 2 cabinets on each side of stove are 3 drawer units. Across by the sink one cabinet, again drawers, for cutlery and the like and one to hold a small trash can (even that one can be tossed out). We have a small closet pantry for other junk and the cabinet above the frig can hold some heavy appliances we rarely use. Not a fan of microwave ovens nor do I like them over the stove. ....we will probably do a simple range hood...still in debate on those choices with other half. Let me say that Lowes quoted $3350 for the 2 hanging wall cabinets with leaded glass....friggin ridiculous and over 40% of the entire job!!!!
Even my friends who make stain glass were amazed at the glass price alone. Anyway, I wanted you all to get a sense of my frustration and my quest for simplicity with quality. Can it be achieved or will I just end up buying a butcher block table on wheels and put it next to the stove and bag it all!?! Serioiusly, $8K for sawdust?????????I wont pay it.

I am getting a quote from an Amish cabinetmaker in Culpepper. I want 3 more bids from local craftsmen that can build me a quality cabinet. Not interested in more "name brand" nor am I interested in Designers trying to sell me $50K in cabinets for a small galley. Also, not interested in the typical DC " look at what I got and you don't" bull. I have been noticing as I went from vendor to vendor, that's a trend here that I just can't stomach as I look at kitchens. I want it "my way" and not "look at me" way.

Anyone who can provide me some names and phone #s or web addresses for good craftsmen would be appreciated! No snobs or
folks who can't talk around things...need a straight up, explains it guy or gal to work with here. If all they do is $200K Chevy Chase kitchens, move on..not my cup of tea.

This kitchen project has now become an aggravation rather than
a joy as I feel I just keep running into used car salesmen trying to
sell me a trend, etc. So, let's see if this forum can do anything for me. Thanks for listening and thanks to anyone who can assist. Sorry I complained so much but I am kinda done here with this nonsense project.

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