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My drawer cell recharge ctr w/pictures

13 years ago

Hello all just thought I would share my cell phone charge drawer setup for others who are trying to keep counter clutter down in their new kitchens.

In my small tall kitchen I have a little drawer above my little trash pull-out next to the sink. In the first picture you will see the electric on back of the 15" cabinet. In the second picture you will see how we are running a flexible waterproof electric line to the inside back behind the drawer. The third picture shows (partly, we still have to drill hole in drawer for connect) a 9" angle plug strip from task lighting for the cell recharge. The forth picture shows the flexible waterproof line that will be located behind drawer on inside of cabinet and will have an anchor at bottom similar to what you would see at the bottom of a pull-out faucet under sink, the line will move with drawer when opening and shutting (hopefully)."; target="_blank">

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