HELP! Marble Install gone wrong!

7 years ago

You all have been such a big help to me. My marble perimeter counter install went fine. Yesterday they installed my single slab beast of an island, mitered cut. I had to go look at it Sunday because they said marble chips easily and I said the miter looked horrible because of chips. They said if I rounded the top into a half bullnose than the chips would be avoided. Well, there are 3 major areas that you can see fill. 2 are on the seating/main side of the island that everyone sits at. My husband wants it ripped out and a new slab done. We paid so much for this. Do you think we are being unreasonable? We've paid for half of the marble. I sent my contractor pics last night and still haven't heard back. From a distance it's fine but for a new product I think it should be better. We are aware that we will cause etching/staining/chipping with wear over time but it arrived like this. Looks like white out or paint. Want honest opinions if you would accept this. Thanks a million

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