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Anyone have a butcher block counter they cut on?

11 years ago

It seems like most people who have butcher block counter do not cut on them. I like the idea of an butcherblock island (complete with an undermount prep sink). It would make prep work very easy I think. However, I am worried about how it will look over time.

In my current kitchen I have a very large cutting board (end grain bamboo) that has a permanent spot on my island. I use it to prep everything except for raw meat and fish. After several years is has several worn areas with lots of knife marks and probably some discoloration. I don't take very good care of it though and I think I would take better care (oiling or whatever) of a butcher block countertop in my new fancy kitchen.

But I still worry about how it will look. Especially since I will be cutting on it in the same spot over and over, while on the other side I would have barstools so that part should stay looking pretty nice.

Thoughts on this? Also, if anyone has photos of a heavily used butcher block counter, that would be great. Thanks!

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