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Help with fabric for Roman Shade in kitchen...please

12 years ago

I'm somewhat fabric illiterate. All I know is what I'm drawn to. I want to make a Roman Shade for the window in my kitchen. The shed behind the window is yet to be torn down but will be so much more light will be coming through and a pretty view visible. The glass door to the left will have to get some kind of something too but I'm not sure if a roman shade would work on that...too heavy?? I've never sewn one but can sew basic things and it doesn't seem all that complicated from the online directions I've read. So, even though this may be more of a home decorating question, I feel at home on Kitchens so here it is.

Please tell me (and I can handle brutal honesty) if I am so totally off base with what appeals to me fabric wise. Here's the window I'm referring to:

You can kinda see the light coming through the door to the left. I could only find a pic of the bottom of the door in question but you can see how much light comes through.

And here are some fabric pics that spoke to me. Tell me if they are saying, "you have no taste and no idea what you are doing".

Love paisleys: not availableAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649

And Batiks:

Kinda Asian:

And kinda cool"

For some reason I could not get any of the fabric pics to embed... sorry. As you may know my kitchen has that natural seaglass aqua soapstone thing going on. Lot's of natural soft soothing elements. I am drawn to something with a tangerine color in it for some POP! I'm thinking of painting the laundry room/pantry something in that family. Thanks for reading!

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