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Does anyone do sheet vinyl floors anymore?

15 years ago

We are going CRAZY trying to choose a floor for our kitchen/DR/Entryway area. It is roughly 500 sq ft worth of space.

We would like something that looks like hardwood but more practical. We've considered laminate, real wood, vinyl planks - can't make up our mind. Over the weekend on a whim, we went to two different floor places that we'd never been before for a "fresh" perspective. We explained our situation (kids, pets, wet areas, a small budget) and both (to our surprise) recommended sheet vinyl for the whole space.

I've searched the forums and came up with nothing. Any opinions or reviews on sheet vinyl?

I do have a refrigerator we are going to need replaced eventually, so I am a little leary because of that - but on the other hand, the price and functionality for our stage of life right now (family is young, future isn't totally certain, we may sell and move eventually) I hate to put in the beautiful hardwood that my house (farmhouse) begs for at this point.

Any thoughts?

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