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Got my marble subway tile - see samples

13 years ago

What do you think? I grabbed some of the busier looking pieces and started laying them out for fun tonight, on the living room floor. The boxes seem to have a decent mix of plain boring solid white pieces, medium-business and then a smaller amount that have a whole lot of thick veining on them (not seen in this pic).

I'm hoping to get them all laid out (what a pain!) for the contractor or else do a system where my contractor knows to mix a little of each kind together for a consistent look overall. He seems to have a bit of an artistic streak so it may be possible to just leave it up to him (or not!!!) ;)

It's honed calacatta marble, cut into 2x6" pieces for something different. Not that marble's different anymore - haha. Not by a long shot. Anyway, this will go behind the new stainless countertop which should be here Monday or Tuesday. I'm going for a period look so hopefully the white farm sink and marble tile will help keep the stainless countertop from appearing too modern. The old cabinets we have throughout the kitchen should help draw a person back in time a bit as well. :) Here's a pic of the backsplash area, taken a while back (before more progress was made - but it gives an idea)...

Starting to get nervous about the new countertop and tile installation...hope this all works out.

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