wow! had a fight w/my contractor!

9 years ago

i was scheduled to start my kitchen remodel october 1, 2012, but i had a fight with my designer (her husband is the contractor) and so everything is up in the air! we have been working the last couple of weeks finalizing the details on my kitchen layout and she needed all the specs of the appliances that i wanted. she wanted me to use her man at this particular kitchen supply place but after reading all the reviews here i decided to go with a blue star range top, which he didn't carry! i think this is where all our disagreements started! after i started doing comparison shopping i found that there were a couple of other kitchen appliance suppliers that were cheaper in price than her supplier! i told her i would probably purchase elsewhere for most of my appliances ... she didn't like that! the final straw came today when she wanted me to purchase the GE counter-depth fridge and i said i liked the LG counter-depth fridge instead! she wouldn't put my advantium speed cook and warming drawer next to the fridge saying it wouldn't look right because the handles didn't match. she said i needed to get the GE fridge to go with the advantium! i suggested to put the advantium and warming drawer under the island counter and/or under the counter along the wall - she wouldn't go for it! i suggested that we should wait until we can agree on where my appliances should go and she then lectured me on how much work she had done and that i owed her money! i had already paid her $300 for drawing up some plans and now she wanted another $250 for the details she was added to the plans! i told her i'd pay her the $250 but she needed to send me what plans she has done to date... i also said that i may be able to figure out where my appliances can go and then we can begin construction ... so it wasn't a 'you're fired' situation! is this normal?

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