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Not My Dream Kitchen/FR - plan & layout. Help me choose? Please?

11 years ago

Starting over from scratch after a 2 year hiatus. I am paralyzed with indecision, and have been so discouraged. I cannot seem to move forward. I have no one to ask. No one really cares. So I am begging here, hesitantly, for some advice.

Below are several renditions of my new architect's original plan. I feel so discombobulated at this point, I don't even remember what it is you need to know to be able to help me choose. Just ask whatever I forgot.

Basically, in comparison to the plans we did 2 yrs ago, I loved almost everything about this new original plan - except of course, the kitchen! I tried and tried to play with this first kitchen, and I never could make it work without completely reconfiguring the whole south side of the house. I staked out both kitchens (architect version) on the ground, and tried to walk around in it, and it just physically didn't fit.

I want to be logical, and not try to design my whole house around a dream kitchen, but alas, I am after all, TKO. Talk me down? I am flailing here, as you will see.

The garage is a drive-under, located underneath the FR. There is absolutely no other garage option on this property, other than a drive-under. I have a limited footprint, and a limited lot coverage. I'm not willing to give up house/living space for an on-level garage. There (hopefully) will be a near-level drive-up area at the front and side door, with a high retaining wall separating the front door area from the lower driveway/garage area. Land slopes to the south.

Views/privacy/sunlight is all to the south/east/west. South is located at the left of all the following plans. Road and north is to the right. House faces east.

Probably too many different plans and pics to be posting, but here follows my stream-of-consciousness plan/layout angst. Feel free to rip me to shreds. Or not. I need something, anything - a catalyst. To go either go forward or spontaneously combust. Whichever. All replies are welcome.


Architect's Original Plan:

Architect's Modified Plan (I was concerned about better garage access):

My DH's Attempt at Modification (with my Dream Kitchen layout):

My Attempt at a Compromise:

And then, we needed Less Crookedness:

And finally, a Different Breakfast Table option:

Land Looking West:

Looking Northeast:

Looking South:

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