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Help! Need to fit 3 cm backsplash and 23" cooktop

9 years ago

We're putting in new granite countertops and backsplash in a house we just bought.The stone is Cinderella Gold, a beautiful granite with large movement. I'd like the same 3 cm granite for the backsplash and am running into a problem with the depth of the gas cooktop. I need a 36" cooktop and a pop-up downdraft. The minimum depth of the cooktop and the pop up downdraft I can fine is 23". (21 for the cooktop and 2 for the downdraft.) the 23" and the 3 cm granite backsplash seem too deep for the countertop. The fabricator says he can find 22.5" at the most for the cooktop+downdraft. The only thing I can find that's less than 22.5" is a jennair downdraft that is not a pop up and has very poor reviews for ventilation.

Does this mean I have to abandon the granite backsplash idea and go with tile backsplash? I've heard they can shave a 3 cm granite to 2 cm. Is that an option? If so, how expensive is it to cut a 3 cm to 2 cm. Are there any other options out there that will allow me to accommodate both the 21" cooktop 2" downdraft and the 3 cm backsplash?

Please help! All suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance.

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