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Finishing walnut countertop and tabletops

12 years ago

I'm having a walnut island countertop made, as well as two walnut 30 x 36 inch tabletops for my L-shaped banquette. The builder called me today to let me know that the walnut is here, and he wanted to know how it should be finished. I don't think he's done much of this and I want to make sure I guide him correctly. I want a durable water-resistant finish, which, from what I've read here, sounds like a tung oil finish using Waterlox Sealer/Finish and Waterlox Satin Finish. Is that correct? How many coats should he use of each? How much drying time in between? Any links to explain this to him? Want to make sure I get an end result that looks like all the pretty pictures I've seen on Craft Art website, etc. Thank you!

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