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What to Do, What to Do...Basement door

13 years ago

Currently in our kitchen we have four doors along one wall. It looks like the set of a game show. In our remodel, three doors will be doing and one will be left- the one to our basement. The basement is finished. the doors we have to today are hollow core but molded to look like 6 panel doors.

My husband wants to replace this with a french door. We have french doors in our family room (leading out) which is adjancent.

I dont know what to do. Our entire first floor will have hardwoods in the remodel and the basement stairs are carpeted. I dont know if its a plus or minus to have the view between the spaces. I had thought about water glass in french doors to give it a slight obscurity but this seems quite difficult to find.

We have two small kids. Our nanny's suite is in the basement, and there is also a rec room, kitchenette, etc. down there. Its a walk out.

Advice? Pictures?

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