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foundation for new mattress

9 years ago

The Furniture Forum might technically be the more correct place for this question, but this forum gets so much more traffic. I hope some of you with experience on this issue will give me some guidance.

DH and I are buying a new memory foam mattress. Consumer Reports ranks the Novaform mattress from Costco very highly. From the scant information I can find, one can use a conventional box springs and frame, or a platform type foundation.

Costco sells a platform foundation but it gets lousy reviews.
Costco Foundation

Amazon has one that is a different style and seems to get better reviews Malouf Structures Folding Bed Frame

At this time, I'm not looking at who the seller is, I'm interested in the type of foundation I ought to get to go with the new mattress.

Opinions? Experiences?

Happy New Year and thanks!

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