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Boy oh Boy - this will be a challenge

14 years ago

If I get it.

I am putting an offer on a rental house, It's 2 bedrooms and a den, living room, kitchen, smallish "family" room which I would use as a dining room. They claim it is three bedrooms but the 3rd room does not have a window. That fact according to code will not allow you to call it a bedroom. It might have had one before but the owner enclosed the carport into a garage. The kitchen has a blue, yes blue, laminate countertop. And the entire house except for the vinyl tiny kitchen floor has carpet. Like a off white/ light beige carpet including both bathrooms. Yuck. I am asking the rental agent to ask owner if he would be willing to update flooring over time to all tile. My current landlord has a tile company. I would have a large porcelein tile in shades of beige and taupe similar to what is in this present house. I think it would greatly improve the house. Big drawback is that laundry is in room in the garage. Another problem - where to put cat litter? I could leave car outside and use the garage as a room for storage and cat litter. Or I could use two stacked extra wide gates to act as a wall between garage and path to laundry room. Another drawback is that it is an all electric house and I have a newer gas dryer. But in lieu of a portion of January rent I am thinking of leaving them here in my present rental home. Saves present landlord money, time, and effort and saves me moving and setup costs. I would miss them though.

The master bedroom suite has sliding doors to backyard as does the family room so that would help with letting the dog out. One thing that bothers me about my present house is these long hallways which I have to walk from bedrooms to kitchen just to let Duncan out.

Backyard is large and has lemon and orange trees now in fruit. There is a covered patio where I can hang my sunshades. There are some cacti which I may fence in so my dog does not get injured. He may try to use the tall one as a fire hydrant - ouch. There are lots of cinder blocks set up as some kind of patio which I do not like. I may have to move those one by one elsewhere. Maybe I can stack them as a wall around the cacti area, hmmm. Don't mind my thinking out loud here.

I would paint house interior, probably EK Taupe in dining and living rooms. I may switch living and dining rooms if I can figure out entertainment unit set up for the "family" room. I do have a gallon of a nice BM beige that I will use for one of the baths. The baths have those awful sliding glass shower doors even the bathtub. The tub does have safety grab bars those and new tile. I am thinking of hanging the shower curtains too just to cover those glass doors. Any of you do that?

The neighborhood is quiet and closer to my church. The rent is affordable although I will need to find a job within a few months.

Bad news is that I will be going through 6 months of chemo and not just four as I previously thought. My friend in WI thought I should stay here and tell landlord I want to go month to month. But I want to move soon because this place costs too much and because I figure my side effects will worsen the more months I get into chemo treatment.

My rental agent gave me the name and number of another one of his clients who is looking to hire some data entry people. It would be part time and I would get paid by number of claims filed. I can't type like normal people; I have to look at the keys and use less then ten fingers. So this job might not work out or pay enough. We shall see if I get it even. Meanwhile, I will keep looking for a part time job closer to my field of design.

Here is the front of the house:


The two front windows are to one of the bedrooms which I will probably set up as a guest room / computer room. There is a small brick sitting area under the roof that is a nice place to sit looking out toward the tree. I would plant a tall full bush to block out sight of neighbors' cars.

Thanks for listening!

Eileen in Phoenix

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