how to replace trash compactor with pull-out trash? need cabinet?

10 years ago

I've lurked here before and found everyone here to be so knowledgeable! I know very little about kitchens, so I was hoping someone could help me.

My home is about 16 years old. I am not planning a kitchen remodel and overall I like my kitchen. However, the appliances (all 16 years old) are slowly dying. The current appliances are black and I'm thinking that I'm going to replace them with SS appliances.

However, I have a black trash compactor. I do not use it as a trash compactor, but just as a trash can. When I replace the black appliances with stainless steel ones, I'd like to get rid of the trash compactor. I still need somewhere for the trash to go, though, so I would like to convert this into, possibly a pull-out trash. However, I don't know exactly how to go about this. One is that I don't have a cabinet face for this space, and I'm not sure how to go about getting one that will match the cabinets in the kitchen. I know that the cabinets were custom cabinets, and I have looked carefully, but I cannot find any indication of who the maker was. I also don't know (because I don't know this type of thing) what type of wood the cabinets are made of. The cabinets themselves are very simple, and I'm not sure if a custom cabinet maker could just make a cabinet face for me, and whether that would be very expensive (my guess is yes).

Any suggestions, either for a reasonable way to get a matching cabinet face made or something else I can do that's easier/cheaper to replace the trash compactor with a trash pull-out?


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