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Ahh.. hall photos. Forget black & white?

13 years ago

I know the photo topic has been beat to death BUT..

I'm going to make photo ledges for in my hall (No, still didn't do that!) I've put a great deal of thought into how I wanted to arrange the photos and what photos I wanted to use.

Lindybarts was my inspiration :)


I was going to do all black frames, white matting on some, and black and white photos. The problem now is with the black and white.

I was going to order (1st time) through Winkflash because I will NEVER EVER use Snapfish again. Anyhow, I changed the photos to b&w using the Microsoft Office Pic Manager. Now that they're in my cart some of the photos say "Low Quality Warning". Looking again, two of the ones I changed to b&w were taken by a professional photographer. Actually the size of the b&w is a bit bigger than same photo in color. The same photo left alone in color has no warning near it. Any ideas? The other two were shots taken by my digital camera so I could see why the quality could be lousey with them.

Even though I don't want it to look visually junky I'm ready to say whatever and just go with color photos.

Wanted to note, I don't want to hang photos right on the wall. Because it's very common (here) and the nice wall arrangements I've seen, DH still thinks they look cluttered. (He grew up in a house with lots and lots of clutter) The hall is also the only place I have for them. I figured the ledges would keep me from going over board since I really do enjoy family photos.

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