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Need help with chandelier in two story foyer please!

13 years ago

First of all, I really don't like two-story foyers. I also don't like a two-story foyer with a huge palladian window. Our house has both, LOL. Currently there is a big 1980s Dynasty-looking chandelier that you can see from the outside. It is hung so that it is in the middle of the Palladian window. I want to change the light fixture but I hate that whole chandelier showing through the window thing. My taste is more English/antique traditional on a smaller, cozy scale. I really would like to hang a small iron chandelier that hangs much lower, maybe 10 feet from the ceiling, but do you think it will look weird from the outside to see just a chain hanging down? The chandelier wouldn't be visible outside at all, if I buy a new fixture to my taste. We can't move right now to a house that is more to my taste. Can I get away with hanging a small chandelier this way? Or is that just going to be too weird?

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