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Does wood cabinets plus ceilings plus floors = too much wood?

10 years ago

We have started the remodel and I have to make final material selections. The kitchen will be open to a large room that functions as both living and dining room. All of those rooms have wood ceilings (fir T&G with beams) that were unfortunately whitewashed or "pickled" by a former owner. We are looking into having the ceiling sanded and dyed to a shade of brown (waiting on samples). The kitchen cabinets will be walnut. I have not decided yet if we will go with a mid-toned natural walnut (like Sochi) or black walnut. DH and I really love wood floors, but the designer keeps telling me large format rectified tile (porcelain that looks like stone) is a better choice because the wood cabinets, ceiling, furniture and floors would just be too much wood. The house is a 1960 California ranch with some modern lines, although not pure MCM.

I have seen pictures on Houzz of rooms with wood ceilings and floors that look good, but they usually feature light or bright colored furnishings, and our dining room and living room furniture is a mix of wood and brown leather. (We will replace eventually, but it may be a while.)

We had picked out a tile, but I just found out it has been discontinued, so I am thinking about wood again. We are on a concrete slab, so we are limited to engineered wood products. I worry about all that tile looking and feeling hard and cold, although it would be better for wet feet coming in from the pool.


This is the only picture I have of the wood ceiling.

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