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Woven shades in kitchen/great room????

12 years ago

Hello all!

(I also posted this in the Kitchens Forum)

Here are pics of our space:


breakfast nook:

The window above our sink gets a lot of sun when the sun is setting. So I am considering getting woven shades with a liner. I will have to get the same shades for the breakfast nook, french doors that are nearby, and the adjacent dining/great room area. I am considering doing an outside mount so that I can mount the shades higher. Thus the valance would be higher and would not take away from our views. So my questions are:

1. Should I do woven shades? Do you have any other suggestions?

2. What color shades should I do? Similar to perimeter cabs or island cab? The floors are natural white oak, sorry I don't have a pic of the floor.

3. If I do outside mount, does the wall get "rubbed" by the shade every time you open/close the shade? I don't want any wall/paint damage. Would I have to get edge binding?

Would love to hear your input! Would also love to see pics of your kitchen window coverings! Thanks in advance!!

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