Surprise bedroom makeover for mom...

12 years ago

First, I should say I've been posting again the past couple days, but I was a regular on the forum a year+ ago while we were building our house. I lived on these boards and got so much great advice!

So this is a huge undertaking and I need help!

My parents finished remodeling their entire house about 6 months ago. Everything is new except the walls and even those got updated by removing the wallpaper and getting some great paint colors. The only problem is my mom's bedroom--she likes the paint color but hated everything she bought to go in the room and she's VERY cheap with herself (though generous with others) so she won't get around to trying again for a while. She decided that style she tried wasn't her thing and got rid of everything and has an old tattered bedspread and some white sheers in there now. She doesn't even have a headboard.

They're going on vacation for a week at the end of January, so my husband and I are going to re-do her bedroom as a big surprise kind of like that old "while you were gone" show on TLC without the cameras or designer help or hot carpenter. :)

I've been buying stuff for the past month or so and have a really good start and I've been photoshopping as I go because I only have that one week to get it perfect. I do have some specific concern areas in the room that I hope you can help me with, and *gulp* am open to thoughts on improving what I have. haha Just be gentle because this is in the spirit of doing something nice for mom.

The major projects we're tackling are mounting the flat screen tv to the wall and hiding the wires behind the wall, as well as adding beadboard wainscotting to the walls about 36" up. She really likes the new paint color so I'm keeping it but using the beadboard to brighten up the space. Also I should mention the purple isn't as saturated and bright as it looks in some of the pics below--it's actually a very muted gray purple but the flash is messing with it.

I bought the headboard already. I've bought new bedding and decorative pillows/shams etc. I bought the window treatments, and a few accessories. I'll be adding a second nightstand on the far side of the bed. Right now there's only one.

My big question mark is what to do in the empty corner by the windows. I had it in my head that I'd put a cozy chair over there, and I know she'd love to have one, but there's just not enough room. Then I thought a really beautiful painted pedestal table accessorized perfectly, but the table would probably be the same height as the dresser, so then it's just one continuous line of furniture surface with "stuff" on it. Then I thought a substantial indoor tree like a corn cane or something like that. Any ideas?

My other concern is how to decorate the wall that the bed is on. One photo (or something) on the wall above each nightstand? That plus something centered over the headboard? Skip the stuff over the nightstand and do 3 evenly spaced photos over the headboard?

I'd love to get either a money tree or some bamboo in there as well for feng shui purposes as it's in the wealth/prosperity gua for you chi people. :) I also have some beautiful black and white photos of castles picked out to incorporate somewhere--either on the bed wall or hanging by the tv.

Ok, here are all the pictures. I'd love any help I can get! Thanks...

Room as it is now:

Photoshop makeover (so far):

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