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totally frustrated with paint color!!! help me!!!!

14 years ago


I am so tired and frustrated. As I have posted on several other threads, I am trying to figure out a color for my living/breakfast/kitchen. It is the room right off the front door. I currently have a beige/tan than I am tired of. I have described the poor lighting in the room. The only overhead lighting in the living area is a 4 light kit on the ceiling fan. The kitchen area is much better lit with a 6 light chandelier and a flourescent fixture (which I'd eventually like to ditch, by the way). Even with the addition of several lamps, the living area always seems underlit and gloomy. I thought changing to a cool color would help in this respect.

I originally wanted a toned down, sophisticated blue/green. I love aqua and love tropical, Asian, west Indies decor, so I thought this would be a great backdrop to natural fiber rugs, linen colored drapes with dark wood rods, tan and cream upholstery, and bright citrus and crimson accessories. Unfortunately, anything with a strong blue hint at all looks stupid on the walls. I just can't live with a totally cool color on the wall. I just need more warmth. I decided to move to a green with little or no blue, and I am getting close to what I want. I have tried the following: SW Oyster Bay, Contented, Halcyon Green, Comfort Gray, Softened Green, Grassland, Svelte Sage, BM Atmospheric, Del Mar Blue, Santorini Blue, Palladian Blue, Wythe Blue, Saybrook Sage, Tree Moss, among others.

The three I have narrowed it down to are SW Grassland, BM Tree Moss, and BM Saybrook Sage. Saybrook looks perfect in some areas, but on large expanses of wall, it looks too blue. Grassland is a very neutral green, but it looks a tad minty and maybe too light in some places. Tree Moss is almost a tad too yellow, and I don't really want an olive color. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I just paint the whole room Saybrook and see how it looks? Is there a color very similar to Saybrook with maybe a tad less blue undertone? I am starting to think that unless someone comes and installs some recessed lighting in my room, I'll never find the right color.

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