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for mcm lamps -- round or oval lampshade?

15 years ago

Talk about displacement! Like all my problems should be this big...but I'm writing about a question I have right now...I have two mcm lamps, not the same, but similar in shape that I want to put lampshades on. One is gold glass with lighter gold diagonal stripes (handblown), one is blues and greens and browns, drip ceramic, both in a graceful teardrop shape of MCM lamps (the glass one has a two-stage teardrop, the ceramic has one). They're both pretty tall. They also both go with the colors in our house, even though they're different colors.

So my question: I want to put cylinder shades on both of them...but I saw some oval shades at the lamp store today that I thought look cool as well.

I don't know my MCM lamp history, and I knwo that when I look at the murano glass lamp sites, they all have the tall round cylinder shade, but I'm wondering if oval would be "wrong" somehow (I'm not confident in my knowledge of shade customs LOL) and I *have* to stay with the round, or if the oval would be o.k. to use for a bit of a different look. I like the rhythm the oval offers more than the it a big no-no?

I like to think about pretty things when I'm feeling horrible...(I'm having the *worst* fibro flare since the cold weather has set in!--I could hardly sit in a chair or in the driver's seat of the car, my hips hurt so bad, and I am having to take extra meds) so let's talk about lampshades instead, yes? :)

Here is a link that might be useful: a website with similar (mine aren't as nice) lamps/shades

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