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I really need KD advice....please help

13 years ago

If anyone has followed my drama, I recently hired a kitchen designer to come up with a design for a flat fee- I had to pay her 2/3 of that fee up front. She came recommended from friends in my area. However, she's very new to KD (a "local yokel" as someone on here called her) and I do not feel very confident that she's got the experience to know what she's doing. I think I was desperate and rushed into it with her. But again, I've made the 2/3 downpayment. She sells her own cabinetry, but I told her I only want to use her for design.

Today, I got a call back from a KD who lives in the area where we are building. (I called her a week ago and she was really over-booked, but some time has opened up) She has 25 years of experience and charges by the hour- $50 more per hour than the one I hired. (although I'm doing a flat fee with #1 so that's beside the point) She doesn't sell cabinetry- she ONLY does design. She has tons of experience and I just feel like she's the person I should be using.

The 2nd designer said I could send her whatever designer 1 comes up with, and she can tweak it (or totally redo it) But in order to do that, I'd have to stay with designer 1 and pay her another chunk of money to get the result, when I feel like designer #2 has a thousand times more experience.

What should I do? Should I give #1 a chance so that I'm not wasting money? Or should I end things with her and lose the downpayment to avoid paying her more money....and put the money towards designer #2? (I'd be losing $1000....that's pretty significant in my book)

Ugh, I wish I had not rushed into this. I wanted help so badly that I picked someone pretty (very) inexperienced. But then again, maybe I'll like what she comes back with....


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