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Design theory help: what does counter style do to space?

7 years ago


For my small space, you all helped me to move toward light vs. dark counters. I have learned that dark defines/closes in a space, and light will keep it open. Thank you!

Are there other design guidelines to consider? For instance, I think someone here mentioned less pattern reads more contemporary. A stone salesperson yesterday said I should make a choice between highlighting the counter vs. highlighting the backsplash.

In my 12' x 7.5' no-natural-light kitchen that opens to same size DR, I'm putting in white shaker full overlay cabinets with wider rails/stiles. I don't have an overall defining vision but I do like fresh colors yet am not super bold. I want counter to be good for resale (ie not overly personalized) in event I may move in 5 years.

The space is essentially contemporary but not ultra modern and the small peninsula which will have larger section of stone borders the DR.

I think I could go: plainish whitish ceasarstone or silestone, with more color in the tile backspash; or, some sort of granite with more plain subway tile backsplash. How would each concept read? I'm not a design person - help appreciated! :-)

I'll attach some photos of some granites I've found. First one is Bianco Romano with my white (right next to the stone) and some colors (maybe used in towels /rug/something to accent).

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