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Vote For (or veto) Backsplash Choices! I need some help, please!

11 years ago

After nearly a year of being "done" with our kitchen, we're finally moving on to the backsplash. I would love some opinions and suggestions!

We have Barocca soapstone with natural cherry cabinets, and the paint is SW Blonde. Our kitchen opens to our family room and tends to read warm.

I have played with various backsplashes for a while, and have probably settled on marble of some sort. I was all set to go with calcutta or carrara (sp), but then saw this botticino today and am more confused.

My issues with the calcutta/carrara is that they tend to read cool in the gray tones. The botticino is much warmer, but I worry that it's too beige for our soft gold walls.

These 2 choices are 2 of the 3 that I'm down to (don't have pictures of the 3rd).

The whiter is a 3/8" groutless mosaic; the beige-y is the botticino. Our cooktop is not anywhere near the backsplash so I'm not worried about spill, splatters more than a good sealer can handle.

So, what do you think? Is the botticino too beige-y against our walls? Is the calcutta mosaic too cool??

Any other suggestions??

For some reason it's near impossible to capture the right lighting in my kitchen in photos - so these are the best, but hopefully you can get a sense of what they look like.

The 4th picture is probably the most accurate color-wise. I think the botticino goes great with the soaptsone and the cabinets, but not so sure about the walls. I think the calcutta goes great with the soapstone and the walls, but not so sure about the cabinets or overall tone.


caclutta on left; botticino on right:

THANKS!! (as always!)

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