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Help! crack in the granite slab - White Marfin

Moz Tn
11 years ago


We visited couple of stone yards over the weekend and liked a slab. We wanted to look at other slabs in the lot and the saleswoman told us that it was not easy to move that slab since there was a crack (1 foot from top, about 3ft wide), and it couldn't be lifted with their regular equipment.

She told us that when fabricating, this crack wouldn't matter because they will be cutting the stone below that level. We put our name on that slab and left, but I have few questions

1. The fact that there is a crack in that slab, does it suggest that there could be others, Or would rest of the stone be fine?

2. Should I ask them to show me a stone without crack and pick that stone?

Also I couldn't find much information for this type - white marfin. Its somewhat like this (from other stone yard). Which granite should I look at in the table that would be same?


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