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carpet tiles?

13 years ago

I have a long hallway off the garage that intersects with the service door through the laundry room where the coat closet is located. This is a high traffic area with everyone getting coats and snow boots etc. In the winter I end up putting down a large utility rug from the garage, another smaller rug under the service door, and a long runner from Home Depot between the two. The whole thing is rug central and I hate it.

I was just looking at carpet tiles. They are cheap and easy to install and don't permanently stick to the tile floor underneath. Does anyone have any experience with them? I do not want to leave them there year round but can't think of another application that will handle snowy and wet traffic over WHITE tile floors that will be attractive and uniform and easy to clean.

I've posted some photos below of the debacle which is out dual entry ways. I didn't tidy up anything. This is the real world here at our house.

From the garage into the kitchen:


From the service door into the laundry room and intersecting the hallway from the garage door.:

The laundry room which contains the service door and the large coat closet.

All this white tile is impossible to keep clean in the winter.

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