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Please help design my small pantry

10 years ago

Hi everyone,

I am trying to design a small pantry. I have read the helpful info on pantry designs on this site and elsewhere and appreciate those posts. Now it is time to decide if I want doors with shallow shelves inside (closet style) or all cabinetry with or without pull-outs or even with bat wings (doors with storage capacity and shelves within). Before I get too committed to the design I thought I would post the dimensions of the space I have available for your thoughts and creativity which I seem to be out of.

The dumb waiter has to stay in the marked location to work with the basement level below, and the hall closet is existing and we don't want to lose it and there is no where else to move it to. The freezer needs to fit into this run, but does not have to go exactly where shown. The door could swing on a different side if needed as we are likely going to replace it with a new one as the current one leaks at bit.

Planned uses for the available space:

1) Storage of snack food (granola bars, crackers, rice cakes, apple sauce, drinking boxes, nachos etc.) Please note, there will be another food storage area elsewhere in the kitchen that will hold baking and cooking ingredients (i.e. floors, cans, pasta, spices, oils).

2)Cookbook storage

3)A phone and message area (not a full drop zone/mail sorting as that is in mudroom). I am old fashioned and prefer to use a land line with a cord where possible (portable phones don't seem to work well with our phone lines). I might like a calender too. We would also like some removable basket or two with drawing and a few school supplies for working at the nearby island.

4)Garbages (2) one for waste and the other for recycling

5)A landing area for things going into/out of freezer or for the inevitable frozen hunt for something. This landing area could be a cart as a cart could be very useful for dealing with distribution of groceries and other tasks in our large kitchen, but does not have to.

The best I can come up with is splitting the available area into two with: (1) a lower cabinet with garbage pullouts, counter on top for message centre and freezer landing and shallow shelves above for cookbooks. This cabinet could have a drawer for school supplies in removable baskets. (2)then using the rest of the available space for a pantry with bat doors for storage of food in doors and shelves behind.

What do you think? I would love your ideas. The available space and dimensions are shown below:



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