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Backsplash grout drying/color uneven, what to do???

11 years ago

We had new backsplash installed in our kitchen last Tuesday. We chose a 3x6 crackle glazed tile in cream. We wanted light grout lines to blend in with the tile, the tile associate recommended bone. We thought the color was a bit dark but they assured us that it lightens 2-3 shades once dry. After the install we noticed the color seemed a lot darker than what we were wanting but the line at the bottom closest to the granite was the light color we were hoping for. So we figured the rest was wet and would eventually dry to that color. It's been 5 days and the grout is drying unevenly(blotchy, dark right next to light). Has it had enough time to dry, will it stay like this, will it eventually all blend in? What should we do?

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