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New mindset... new layout.. input appreciated

15 years ago

I can't go back through the history of how I ended up back here but let's just say it's what I'm going to work from. After much discussion we've decided to greatly scale back the remodel and just make the house nice, comfortable, enjoyable, an get on with having fun in life. I'm trying minimize the removal of walls and utilize existing plumbing as much as possible. Here's what I came up with :

The frig will be 36" counterdepth made to look built in.

30" induction cooktop with hood venting through roof.

The 9' wall on the south west end is already there. 4' of it on the right is currently pantry. I want to move the frig to the end and then have 2 36" cabs with uppers. I'll probably put the coffee maker there and mugs above.

Cooking wall on right 10' run. I'd have a 30" counter, 30" cooktop, 30" UC oven, and if I can do a prep sink I'd have a 6" pullout and 24" cab for prep sink. If I'can't do a prep sink I'll have a 30" cab.

I'll put a speed oven/MW OTR on one side of the cooktop/oven. I prefer not to have a stack... like the expanse of counter. I believe it'll give it a more open look.

The two cabs forming a mini peninsula on the sink end run can face toward the cook wall. I'd like to make it a few inches lower if I can (if not... no biggie) and top it with some nice wood or marble, not sure.

We're going to use IKEA, probably Adel Birch so it'll look light and airy hopefully. I'll use the glass uppers wherever practical. I believe I can do the IKEA cabs for under $5000.

I need to stop trying to make this little house into something it is not and embrace it's charm. It took me a long time and alot of heartache to realize that. So, I'm looking for it to have open, informal, beachy charm without being too themey. And, I want to make it as simple as possible. There will be no extensions, just a small simple house, keeping it reasonable so we do not sink all we have into a place to live. Then we will have the flexibility to enjoy life however we choose. I feel better, like it's the right thing to do. Geez... can you tell how wound up I've been?

As always, I appreciate your input and value your opinions.

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