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Earthquake-Proof Kitchens

12 years ago many of you felt that earthquake this afternoon just before 2pm ET? OK, west-coasters, don't make fun of us, but a 6.0 (the latest measurement) earthquake is a big deal to those of us who have never in their lives experienced an earthquake (or not that I remember, at any rate)! I'm in Maryland, btw. The epicenter was in Virginia.

I was sitting at my desk on the 4th (and top) floor of our office building, just typing away and getting ready to call in to a 2pm meeting. All of a sudden my desk started mildly shaking and I wondered who was walking so heavily? Then, the whole building started shaking and my monitor, phone, lamp, etc. started dancing (violently!) on my desk. I grabbed my phone & keys and went into the hallway and I could actually see the walls and windows shaking! I could also see the office buildings across the parking lot visibly shaking! Needless to say, I got out of there!

I didn't know what it was, but suspected an earthquake.

Yes, we all streamed out of the office buildings...maybe not a good thing in hindsight...but at least most of us took the stairs and not the elevator!

When cell service was finally restored, I was able to call home and check on my kids, pets, and, yes, kitchen! According to my DD...our kitchen survived unscathed. She also said the dogs (2 puppies & 1 adult) woke up just prior but other than that, no reaction from them.

(All the school buildings have been closed for the day and some of the government office buildings...but not mine. No band camp & no volleyball practice for the kids tonight...and no Boosters Exec Board I'm free tonight to celebrate my birthday! Yay!)

But, what if the earthquake had been stronger? What are some of things recommended for an "earthquake-proof" kitchen? I thought this might be a fun topic to (1) share your experience today and (2) add to the "body of knowledge" we're collecting here on kitchen design/materials/etc. for various situations.

So...What's your story OR do you have any advice to people who live in an earthquake-prone region?

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