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need help w Lighting for Powder Room

10 years ago

main floor powder room, totally interior, 5'5"x5'5"x10'

I can't help myself, this is my room where I'm totally giving in to the sea and shell theme. The turtle is the drain cover in the sink.
Our cabinet maker is building the sink base and it will be painted blue to go with the wallpaper. Floor is statuarietto tile. Cabinet maker is also building a frame that will house the mirror over the sink, also painted finish - fairly simple square lines.

I was in the framed out space yesterday and I'm thinking I need a ceiling fixture.
Does anyone have any great ideas as to what might work in here? My brain is so saturated with having had to make lighting decisions, and I'm second guessing every decision I've made.
Or conversely, do you think that the over-the-mirror light will be enough? The walls and floor are pretty white.

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