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Didn't expect to feel this way ...

15 years ago

We have been planning our kitchen remodel since January. The whole planning process was very stressful for me, partly because this is the first time I've remodeled anything. Also, I have a tendency to research purchases very thoroughly - usually involving spreadsheets to compare all my options. So for me, the sheer quantity of decisions to be made on the kitchen was almost overwhelming. Then there's the cost of course, along with the fact that most of the decisions are all interconnected and virtually irreversible.

Then we had a really difficult time finding a contractor who would do the job for anywhere near the amount we were prepared to pay. The one who came closest (by being only twice as much) wasn't available until October.

By June I was seriously wishing we had never started this foolish endeavour. I told my DH that I never wanted to remodel anything ever again. That the next time we bought a house, it had to be completely remodeled already, because there was no way I was going to remodel anything. I was not cut out for this. This was not for me. Period. I told him that if it weren't for the fact that our cabinets were already sitting in our dining room waiting, I would have pulled out. But now it was too late to back out.

I was also worried that if I couldn't even handle the stress of the planning, then I would really be in bad shape once the construction actually started. Friends had warned me that it was very stressful and I wondered how I would cope.

We finally found a contractor who would do it within our budget. His bid was half as much as the next lowest, and a quarter as much as the highest. This worried me. I know they say you get what you pay for. He was ready to start right away. This also worried me. His English was not great and my Spanish is non-existent. Another worry. But basically, we were desperate, so we decided to take our chances.

Demolition started in July. To my absolute astonishment, from that first day, I was not stressed at all! It certainly helped that my contractor turned out to be a complete dream. He does great work, is completely trustworthy, is super accommodating, and - despite our language barrier - understands instantly exactly what I want. He has even done a few extra things at no charge. Having a contractor that I can trust has changed everything and I feel completely relaxed most of the time!

Sure, there have been a couple of minor hiccups along the way. Firstly I hated my recessed lights. My contractor has been great about switching them out for me, even though this will involve refinishing the ceiling with smaller holes. Also I had some trouble with his flooring sub, who despite speaking perfect English, I was unable to communicate with effectively. (He also lacks common sense). The floor is not perfect, but I think I will probably be the only one who notices the mistakes. I try to remind myself of the mantra someone shared on this forum - "It won't be perfect, but it will be great" :)

So now our kitchen is nearing completion - mostly we are waiting for the granite installation - and I find myself not wanting it to end! I find that I actually like having contractors in my house and am enjoying the construction phase. It's kind of exciting and energizing. I keep thinking about what else we could do after this (but of course, we won't have any money to do anything else for some time). After spending every spare moment so far this year planning the kitchen in some way, it will be strange not to have that. Weird, huh? And I will miss being on this forum - although I will surely still be around to hopefully give back some advice.

It's kind of like nearing the end of a great book. You want to finish it, to see how it will end. But there's also that feeling of not wanting it to be over.

This is very strange to me. Did anybody else feel this way??

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