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Has anyone used Galaxy White granite?

12 years ago

Hi all,

first of all--I did find all of the posts (using search function) about those of us who want white granite. Those were very helpful, expecially the pictures!

My story is similar to many others (maybe there is a name for this affliction?)--I want the look of Carrara Marble, but with durability of granite. My contractor took me to a place in Oakland yesterday to find my granite, and I did find a few I really liked.

The first was Kashmir White granite--I loved it in the the sample square, but the pieces at the lot had a lot of burgundy and rust in them, and I didn't think that would work for our cabinets and tile. Then, I found the Galaxy White granite, and chose a slab that had a lot of white in it. It is sort of white and cream with some black and gray and beige thrown in. It is very marbled looking--rather than spotted, and I love that.

I picked it and we purchased it and then I came home and started googling--and of course started second guessing myself. There seems to be so many pictures of actual kitchens with the Kashmir White granite, but I have yet to find one with the Galaxy White. The Galaxy White was a bit more expensive than the Kashmire White, so that may be part of it--but there may be other issues I don't know about.

I have seen a few pictures here of slabs of Galaxy White, but no finished projects. I know it is a long shot, but I wondered if anyone has used it.

Thanks for any help you could provide,


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