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How to glue gapping plastic medallion to ceiling

We hung our new chandelier today. We installed a plastic ceiling medallion first. There is a gap on one side of this, where tightening the ceiling fittings caused it to flex, so it is not fitting flush to the ceiling on all sides. The chandelier ceiling dome is what is actually holding the medallion up to the ceiling. I want to glue it to the ceiling on that gapping section. I will have to get the glue under the rim, with it in place, because just getting the chandelier up there proved to be a four hour ordeal.

What kind of glue will work for this? Something with fast tack would be great, because I don't want to tape while I wait for it to dry, if I can avoid it. I'm afraid tape would peel off part off the paint on either the ceiling or the medallion. I'd use hot glue but getting the tip in that space wouldn't be easy. It can be so messy, too.


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