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Tiling inside of an open cabinet

11 years ago

I have an open shallow cabinet to the right of my prep sink/area, in which I keep a roll of paper towels (attached to the top) and cutting boards leaning against back of the cabinet. Inside dimensions are 27" tall x 8 1/2" deep.

I'm thinking about using my many tile samples to create a patchwork quilt, covering the top, sides, back and bottom of the inside of the cabinet. This way, I can toss in my cutting boards and not worry if they're not completely dry.

You really can't see the inside of this cabinet from most angles, so I'm not concerned about it matching anything; I just like the idea of using (some of) my many tile samples and think it would be cheerful.



Paper towel holder will be centered. It wasn't initially, because we had a shelf in place which held a spray bottle to the right of the paper towls (for cleaning). I've started cleaning with microfiber clothes, soap and water, and find I no longer need the spray bottle.

I will need to use some sort of trim piece at the front to keep the cutting boards from sliding out.

Any gotchas or things I should keep in mind? Tiling wood should be fine, no? Thanks!

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