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30" cabinet need largest sink recommendaitons pls

10 years ago

Granite template on Friday and we don't have the sink for a 30" sink base...nightmare! Previously did a bunch of research but not down to the absolute choice level... now I am finding it tough to find a large enough single bowl stainless steel (or siligranit metallic gray) sink.

Sink sizes seem to jump from 23 to 30 with nary a thing inbetween. Would like a 27" but do not see one any

Blanco siligranit has 24" single bowl cinder (what ever color that is ... boo hoo wanted the metallic gray!) Does anyone have this sink/color?

Blanco Stellar super single stainless steel single is 28" overall - although the spec's on the blanco site state a 33" cabinet is needed, people on amazon reviews are putting it in a 30" cabinet. Anyone with experience with that ?

Any other suggestions?

What do people like or dislike about the more square vs soft curve of the bowl? The real square ones have four lines radiating towards the drain, where others have more rounded feel. Any thoughts on shape? Our first instinct is liking the softer round look more.

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