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Okay so I started painting my island....should I go 'bluer'?

14 years ago

Disclaimer #1: I've already made up my mind. I'm painting my kitchen cabinets a soft, buttery yellow/cream. My saltillo floors have been "fighting" with the starkness of my white cabinets since day one, and I'm tired of the kitchen not feeling like mine.

Disclaimer #2: I know these choices are not for everyone. If you think my decisions are horrid, that's okay, 'cause I'm the one paying the mortgage. ;)

Disclaimer #3: I love bold color, and am not afraid to use it.

Disclaimer #4: I'm going for a more rustic French feel in my kitchen, however I love the juxtaposition of certain elegant items in said rustic-style kitchen. My chandeliers, for one, and also my glossy backsplash, so I don't intend to change those.

(I do, however, plan to replace the granite top on the island with a more rustic wood top.)

Now, for the island paint.

I started yesterday, and got almost finished before I realized the color is probably too subtle. I was going to do a second, darker glaze, but now I'm wondering if I don't just need to re-paint the base color a darker bluish gray. It's just not making enough of a statement, IMO.

Here are some of my inspiration pics:

And here is my island after one glaze:

I'm also drawn to a more grayish-green like this photo, and could see this working as well:

My "something's not quite right" meter is going off, so I know I'll end up tweaking it somehow. I keep feeling more drawn to a darker color. So whaddya think? Keep it? Go bluer like in my inspiration pics?

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