Has anyone ever done stationary doors combined with sliders?

12 years ago

Hi, All!

I have converted my dining room into an office. (However, I do wish to keep it so that it could easily be converted back if desired.) I'm finding that I'd like to be able to close off this space -- I work from home and it can get noisy around here.

I have an 8' wide opening between the living room and "office" and a 29" doorway to the kitchen as well. After seeing the posts about the barn doors, etc, it got me thinking.

I have an idea to use (4) 24" wide french doors in the large opening. I'm thinking about making the outside ones stationary and putting the inside ones on sliders so they could open up and be even with the stationary ones or close the space completely. Obviously, this would mean that the 8' wide opening would now be, at most, a 4' wide opening. However, with the clear glass doors on each side, I think this would still be okay.

Here is a very crude aerial view rendition:


I'm thinking I would also put a swinging french door on the opening to the kitchen.

Has anyone ever done this that would like to share? Any pics? Any ideas or thoughts about this arrangement? I hope my description makes sense.

Thanks for your thoughts!!!!

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