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Another try with layout, getting closer...

15 years ago

I think Im going to get a 48" range w/ double ovens together instead of two seperate pieces. I really like the look of it for my kitchen and it will save me on space. I know there are pros and cons. Having a seperate baking "area" would be nice, but I think I can live without it. Im going for a cottage-y craftsman european style (haha) and I think the big range would look really nice and still give me the convenience of two separate ovens. Plus more burners/griddle. My DH and I have always admired these units.

So with that in mind, here are 3 variations.

The 1st one is the double L I was doing before, but I moved the peninsula down a foot to make more space in the dining area. So the island is 3X4. Then I have no uppers on the sink wall, just open shelves. This layout has the most expense with the greatest number of cabinets. I like it, just not sure how to make it fit costwise.

Next we have a large island with seating, but it also houses the sink & DW. Wondering if I can just use the sink, DW & trash cabinet only and leave the rest open underneath with maybe table type legs to hold up the corners? The shallow pantry is on the west wall which gives me more space to work with on the right. REF is convenient to the public spaces. Beside the REF I have open counter with open shelving. I'll put my coffee here and probably a MW in one of the base cabinets. On the south wall is the 48" range with 15" uppers on each side and to the corner. I have a prep sink and butcher block top on the L for workspace. Its a little walk from the REF to the range, but not too bad. I think this layout would have a nice look to it.

Here is basically the same layout as before except I took out the L. I could put something else there or just leave it open. No prep sink, would just use the main sink. This is nice because it leaves me 30" cabinets on each side for pots and pans, etc.

Opinions please? :)

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