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Who DARES to reveal ... the litterbox(es)?

14 years ago

OK, so we've had the thread on how/where our pets dine, so I thought I'd throw this one out there as well! Since many of us have cats, and since the litterbox is a part of living with kitties indoors, we obviously have to incorporate them into our "decor" as best we can. I've really struggled with this, as we just don't have an appropriate place anywhere in this little old house for the boxes -- and with 7 cats, we must have more than just one cat-potty. Our bathrooms are much too small to accommodate boxes, and we can't put them in the laundry room, as we don't have one. (Our washer & dryer are in the breakfast room.) The garage is detached, so that's a moot point. I shuffled the darn things around again this weekend, and ended up moving some furniture out of our office, and putting them behind a loveseat (which is hideous, but must remain for now), and so far this arrangement seems to work best. It's certainly not ideal, but the cats don't mind, and this does put the boxes at least somewhat out of direct view. I bought a 5x8 rug on eBay this afternoon (after considering one on Craig's List that turned out to be too large), and it will help fill in the empty space in front of the (again, hideous) loveseat. I feel like this is such a "make-do" room. Maybe if I see how others have incorporated the litterbox(es) into their decor, I won't feel quite so ooky about the way we're living with ours. Anyone daring enough to show me? ;-)

(There's 3 boxes back there ...)


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