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Kitchen Layout for my new house - All thoughts welcome

10 years ago

I have lurked for a long while, but this will be my first post. Tried to learn as much as I can, but I am not certain how to proceed and would like to see if the kind souls here at GW can provide some guidance.

Background: Building a new house, design can be anything we want. Our architect designed a 3500 sqft house, with an open floor plan on the main floor that has kitchen, dining, and family room all in the same lengthwise area. Style is modern. We will be a family of four (two very young baby/toddler age) with a big dog. Floors are concrete.

Kitchen layout:

Wall is 14' 6" with an island that is roughly the same size. Opens to dining "room" and family room beyond island. The kitchen wall and island is the total for working space, with "hallways" to either side, pantry & utility rooms are located behind the kitchen wall.

On the kitchen wall, we plan to put a range (or rangetop) in center, with fridge to the right (facing wall). On the island, we plan to put the sink in center, with dishwasher to the right (facing sink).

Things we want to include: two ovens (either on wall or via a 48" range); refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave.

My big question on layout really comes into the appliances--size, type, and placement. I debated putting this into the appliance forum, but some of the questions really relate to layout and counter space and whether something is "enough" space.

For example: If we go with a 48" range in center, plus a 48" fridge at right, that leaves over 5' of counter space to left of range, but only 15" of counter space to right of range. That doesn't seem to work.

But if I reduce to a 36" fridge (built-in), it seems like it would be pretty small for our family (we are used to a 36" freestanding fridge, with probably 25-28 cu ft).

Bottom line question: how would you set up a kitchen in this situation?

My current inclination is for a 36" range top centered in wall, 42" fridge at right, 30" wall ovens at left. On island, a dishwasher to right of sink, a microwave drawer to left.

I think once I decide on the ideal set up, I can start debating which appliances to choose (and I am VERY lost on that question as well).

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