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baseboard help!any 'molding' to fill gaps where bb meets floor?

13 years ago

When we moved into our home, we were really happy with the flagstone flooring in the living/dining room. However, it is very "bumpy" and not perfectly level. The previous owners had a very thin baseboard, and it was a very dark stained wood. We did not care for that look, plus wanted to baseboards to match throughout the entire house (rest of house has wood floors) so we replaced all the baseboards with 5 1/2 baseboards painted a dove white.

WELL, in this case, the previous owners might have had a reason for their choice! Because the baseboard they chose was thin (maybe 3 inches? I am not sure)and kind of flimsy, I guess it was more flexible. PLUS, because it was a dark stain, you could not see the shadows of the gaps where the baseboard meets (or in some spots, DOES NOT MEET) the floor.

There are a few spots where the the floor is uneven and you can really see the gaps and it is driving me nuts. I was in a home recently and noticed that their baseboard had a molding that kind of curved down and out onto the floor a tiny bit...kind of like sprung crown molding, but on the floor. Hope that makes sense. Anyway, they bought their baseboard like that. I was wondering if there is something I can add now to the existing baseboards. Of course I don't want it to LOOK like it was added after the fact.


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