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Advice on choosing wall color for future office/ guestroom

16 years ago

Plus it can also be a family room.

Right now it is a kitchen, but this will soon be gutted. It is a big space. I will have a nice desk on one wall, a gas fireplace (not built in) with a flat screen tv on top, a sofa that turns into a bed (not sure of color just yet), plus a small armoire for storage or for any guests to hang their clothes in.

I know I want the desk and armoire to be dark wood. I have to keep my existing coffee and side tables in this room (I don't want to get rid of them) and they look like stone (tan with specks of light browns).

I have a lot of blue and red accessories I can dispaly here so I need help picking a wall color. I have a few picked out so tell me if they sound ok or if anything else sounds better.

Also, there are 2 windows down here. Should I find window treatments/ roman shades that are just one color (either the red or blue) or should I find some that combine both?

Here are 2 of my chioces so far:

i think I like this best so far

Too dark?

Any other suggestions?

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