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Office challenge, need layout help

15 years ago

What I have: smallish office, with entry on diagonal. Large 6' x 6' window 18" off the ground on front wall (opposite entry), bathroom entrance on back wall. Ceiling 12'. The wall lengths are:

front - 10'4" with 24 inches on left side of window and 28" on the right side.

back - bathroom door, then 63", then diagonal entry

left - 10'4"

right - 90" from diagonal entry to front wall

What I need: desk space for two people, closed storage including file cabinet

What I want: not to have my back to the window, not to be sitting and facing a wall when at my desk. I'm fine with the 2nd desk facing the wall.

What dh says: "You can't sit the desk in the middle of the room, it is too small and will never have a good flow"

I just spent an hour trying to figure out how to use the ikea planning software to move things around but it was very slow going. Any ideas on better space planning software?

I'm thinking: Desk 1 at diagonal, it might have to be smallish, I'd have my back to the corner opposite the entry. Desk two is in front right corner with storage all around and above.

Any good places to look at office layouts? I'd love to see any of yours!

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