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Best sofa option with pets

10 years ago

So, I need a new couch. My old ultrasuede sectional couch has served me well over the past 10 years, but it is starting (ok it started a while back) to show it's age. At this point, I want to purchase a sofa with solid construction and obviously pay a little more for it, something that I will reupholster rather than replace. Problem is that we have two people, two dogs, two cats and it takes a bit of a beating. I don't want to invest in a really nice piece of furniture than be worried about living on it. I am not a huge fan of leather for a sofa, but the two leather chairs we have are the dogs favorite sleeping spots and I have deemed them as indestructible. So maybe leather is the best choice for ease of cleaning. Those of you with pets, kids, messy adults, what have you found to be durable? And what are some manufacturers that I should start researching that is mid-price yet known to be well made?

Styling I am kind of iffy on, I tend to lean a bit contemporary with simple lines and styling. However, we will likely be moving within the next year and it will likely be into a 100 year old craftman or tudor style house, so I don't know if that would be the best fit. Once I figure out upholstery options, I worry about that as the next step.

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