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how high off the floor should range hood duct be? how big?

13 years ago


I am having a duct for a range hood installed, but I don't know what is recommended as for how high off the ground and how big?

researching online, i saw some sites say 66in off the floor. if that is the correct heigh, am I right to assume that the 66inches will be from the floor to the bottom of the duct?

for size, i've seen 7in. the ducts ive seen are rectangular in shape. if it's 7in in width, how high should it be?

I ask bc I want to put it at a height that when time comes to replace wall cabinets (wich I want to be the type that go up to the ceiling) I won't run into a hastle finding cabinets that will fit above that.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


ceiling height is less than an inch shy of 90in.

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