Color Concerns for Multi-Function Room...

13 years ago

I have a large extra bedroom that functions primarily as an office and exercise room. At some point it will also have a futon added so it can also be used as a guest room. The windows are north and west facing, not a whole lot of sun...

I'm having a bear of a time choosing a color for this room. When we bought this house this room had nicotine-stained pink striped wallpaper (even on the ceiling!!!) It's truly a horrid wallpaper, it basically makes the room look like a cage for a chain smoking teenage daughter. I've been having a difficult time visualizing what to do with this room because of the "pink cage" effect. I've been stripping the wallpaper and I'll be installing white crown molding and base boards, but I have no idea what color to paint the room.

I'd like an energizing color, but something that's also soothing. I'm drawn to greens and blues, but I'm already painting two other bedrooms in green and blue. I was thinking about yellow or orange colors, but I can't find any that I think would work in an office-workout-guestroom.

I know this is a lot of information for a basic question, but I wanted to share how stumped I am. I need a relaxing color for when I'm spending long stretches on the computer or when people are sleeping in here, but I also need something spirited for while I'm working out. I don't want anything too warm, too cool, too dark, or too neutral. Easy, huh?

I'd really like to avoid greens or blues because my other bedrooms will be painted in BM Grecian Green and BM Palladian Blue. However, the colors I'm most attracted to for this office/exercise room are BM Georgian Green, Sherwood Green, and Whipple Blue..

I also like BM Montgomery White and SW Rose Tan, but I'm having difficulty picturing those in here.

Does anyone have any photos of multi-functional office or exercise rooms? Or color suggestions in general (I'd like to stick with BM or SW). I'm sure you can tell that I'm all over the place with this room! The other color choices for the house have come along so easily, but the multi-functional aspect of this room is completely bewildering me :)

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