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Keep Vintage Steel Cabinets or Add Cherry Cabinets in Kitchen?

13 years ago

We are moving soon and the 80 year old house has Vintage Steel Cabinets. But we are really going to miss our favorites: Cherry Wood Cabinets! We can repaint the Vintage Cabinets or maybe we should sell them and find some new Cherry Cabinets! We have at least twelve Vintage Cabinets to replace. Does anyone have Kraft Maid Cabinets, we saw them at Lowe's, are these any good? Or do you like some other brand of Cherry Cabinets? And are you pleased with your Cherry Wood Kitchen? Also, Need New Dishwasher, do you like your Bosch or can you recommend a good and an affordable Dishwasher? Thank you for any Ideas, we are moving in about six weeks! Rose

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