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Many questions about Family Room (pics)

16 years ago

I have another thread going regarding putting a wall unit entertainment center on a wall that has a window on it, but I have thought of additional questions and have pics to post this time, so I thought I'd start a new thread with a more relevant title. We have been in our home for 6 years and would like to tackle this room and redesign it eventually.

Issue #1 - we are looking for a place in this Family Room to put a 9 foot wide wall unit for our large TV. The best spot seems to be a wall that has a small window on it. Someone mentioned we should consider any alternatives that would avoid blocking off the window, so here are some pics and I would appreciate any thoughts.

Here is a drawing of the room:


Here is a pic of the actual wall (please excuse our mess, we are in the process of moving/discarding furniture)

View from kitchen doorway:


Here is a pic of the large 6'6" window that is in the back of the family room facing the backyard:


I am also interested in any suggestions for window treatments for both windows. The picture window in the first photo has an upper window that has its own sill (not sure what type this is, what is it called?) and I was wondering if there is a better choice in window treatments for this than just a valance with blinds?

The back window is a casement style window with a large pane in the center with casement style openings on either side. The white sheer on it is what came with the home. I am not sure how I could treat both windows and have them match since the windows are so different.

The reason the room is two different colors is because we attempted to use the green side as an added eating area (that is why there is a hanging light there) but it really was just too small. The two different colors were an attempt to divide the space.

Notice there is also a support beam that runs through the ceiling and it drops down about 5 inches.

I would like to use this room as a family room that functions as our TV room as well as our computer room. For our computer, we have a desk armoire that covers up everything nicely when its closed.

Any additional ideas for furniture placement beside where to put the wall unit? We have a sofa/loveseat/chair combo that will change eventually (its over 5 years old) but that and the armoire is what we have to work with currently. We have end tables and coffee tables in storage that we can bring into play also.

I have additional pics if necessary. Also, we are quite sure that the doorway to the kitchen is going to get closed off during our kitchen remodel.

So. After all of this rambling... any thoughts?

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